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Slides from Izmir 15.03

You can download a pdf version of my slides  here.

Talk Turkey 15.3

Right click on the link to save them to your computer.

Tunis Slides

Here’s a pdf of my slides from my Plenary in Tunis

You can download them here 

TESOL France slides

You can download the pdf of slides from TESOL France here – (right click to save and download)


Brazil – projects slides

Here are the slides for the projecting talk – please note some of you saw different versions of this talk. Right click on them to download.

Project slides

HP talk links and slides

Here are the slides from the talk:

HPPeru and Brazil

right click to download them.

Here are all the sources I used in my HP Talk in Peru and Brazil

Why didn’t Harry Potter use google?

Read more on HP talk links and slides…

Project Talk – Serbia May 2013




Some Websites:

Introduction to project work – what is a project? 

Steps and advise to running a film making project

Teaching English through projects in the natural environment 

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Talks from OUP Italy National Conference

A is for…

Sesame Street – ABC

Alphabet taught these days

Wikipedia definition of the 3Rs

Whiteboard cartoon 

Child playing with ipad video 

Mark Pegrum’s digital literaces (though I recommend them in full in his book)

Read more on Talks from OUP Italy National Conference…

EF talk – London 17th November

The links to all the sites I showed are in the learnist board.

the slides can be downloaded as a pdf from here

Something old, something new….

The “Old”

Activity 1: Last question from Internet by Windeatt, Hardisty, Eastment.

Activity 2: A personal picture from Images by Jamie Keddie.

Activity 3: Picture role-plays from Role-play by Porter Ladousse.

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Malta – slides and links

Here is a link to the pdf of the slides

30 Day song challenge

Lyrics training

Wallwisher / Linoit

12 Excuses for not doing homework

Google maps





Read more on Malta – slides and links…

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