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Project Talk – Serbia May 2013




Some Websites:

Introduction to project work – what is a project? 

Steps and advise to running a film making project

Teaching English through projects in the natural environment 

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Talks from OUP Italy National Conference

A is for…

Sesame Street – ABC

Alphabet taught these days

Wikipedia definition of the 3Rs

Whiteboard cartoon 

Child playing with ipad video 

Mark Pegrum’s digital literaces (though I recommend them in full in his book)

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Collage makers

A couple of weeks ago an IH colleague posted about an online collage site in the #czelt facebook group.

She mentioned using it in a first lesson to make a class picture. That got me thinking about how easy and for what purpose online collage makers could be used.  A quick google shows a wide range of collage makers both paid and free to use. However I stuck with the suggested one, which was pictures2life. You need to make a free account to get the most out of it. Having done so you simply upload pictures and then choose a collage type. It’s as simple as that though you if you have more time then you can fine tune things.  While there is no embed feature, you can download your finished collage.

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Cambridge ESOL day links

You can download a pdf of the slides here –  What’s the internet got to do.  (right click and download)

Here are the links:

English grammar questions.

Collage maker

Oxford English Testing

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Further reading from my Prague talks


Here are all the sources I used in my talk in Prague last weekend:


Why didn’t Harry Potter use google?


Kids’ Cognition Is Changing—Education Will Have to Change With It

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Belgrade Talk links

View from my hotel

The dancing and waving gifs were found using google (I goggled stick figures)

Eddie Izzard technology clip


12 excuses not to do your homework

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Utrecht – Links and slides


These are the links I used to put together the talk on Extensive Reading last week.

Romeo and Juliet on twitter

Extensive Reading

Extensive reading: why it is good for our students… and for us.

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Sprachen Expo – Links from talk

Sorry it has taken a couple of days, I couldn’t get the slides to upload as the files are too big but you can download the pdfs by clicking on the links.

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A week in Cyprus

I am writing this sitting on a plane back from Cyprus where I have just spent the last three days running some technology training in a joint project between OUP and the ministry of education.

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Links and slides from ELT Signpost talks

Before getting to the links, I thought I’d share a video Mark Andrews made while at the conference – though he has made me realise how much I walk around!

This is the bibliography for my talk last Saturday at the ELT signpost conference in Brno

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